In less than a week, Sunu Foundation reached its goal of raising $1500 to help protect the youth and families we have been working with the last two years in the Medina community of Senegal (where J.A.M. camp is held).

Thanks to your timely generosity, the Sunu team members in Senegal were able to gather and distribute 500 masks, as well as 1378 lbs of rice, 298 lbs of sugar, and 34 lbs of cooking oil in small care packages to support the needs of youth we currently aid.

Care packages were organized and distributed last Sunday by Jean Pierre Gomis and Mamadou Diouf, two of our Sunu team members living in Senegal.

We cannot be more grateful for our faithful supporters that have backed us since day one and our growing network of supporters who believe in Sunu Foundation’s mission. We are blessed that in such challenging times you chose to contribute to this effort.