Dear Sunu Foundation Supporters,

Based on feedback from our Sunu team members on the ground in Senegal, the Sunu Foundation feels compelled to take action. 

In an effort to support the wellbeing of youth we currently aid in the Medina community of Senegal (where J. A. M. camp is held), the Sunu Foundation aims to raise funds to put together small care packages for youth and their families. Care packages will include masks and hand sanitizer to promote health and safety.  

Our hope is to raise $1500, so at minimum we can help to protect the youth and families we have been working with for the last two years. 

In the video from Babacar Lapolice, Secretary of the Sunu Team in Senegal (and local middle school math teacher), he expresses concern about social distancing and lack of adequate supplies for the community. Babacar also extensively thanked anyone that would consider donating to this cause. 

We are aware that times are tough for all families and that this may be a big ask. Please consider donating an amount that is meaningful to you, if you are able.