It’s a new year and thanks to your support, Dogandou Elementary has a NEW CLASSROOM! It’s finally done and my goodness are the children overjoyed! Truthfully, not just the children, but the entire community is ecstatic and extremely grateful for all Sunu Foundation has been able to do for the school.

New Dogandou Elementary addition.

Check out those sturdy walls, secure roof, windows with blinds, and doors! Students and teachers are safer, more comfortable, and feel better able to focus on their studies now that they are protected from the elements (and critters). How cool is it, that we can be a part of the reason these youth experience more academic success?

The before and after photos of their classroom shows quite the difference!

  • Classroom Before
  • Classroom After

Let’s not forget this new classroom addition means another nearby village is able to send their children to school now! What a way to begin the year! Sunu Foundation is excited to continue to partner with the current schools we are aiding and looking forward to expanding our reach to other schools in need in 2020.

The entire community is so grateful.