Give to the Max Day is a 24-hour fundraising day that encourages people to donate to nonprofits and schools all across Minnesota. This year, Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 14. The day was created by GiveMN, an independent nonprofit organization launched in 2009 by the Minnesota Community Foundation. Not only does GiveMN host the annual Give to the Max Day, but the organization also helps nonprofits and schools fundraise year-round. 

This year Sunu Foundation is honored to be a part of Give to the Max Day and we are hoping we can raise enough money to finish our Dogandou Elementary project. 

The construction crew has almost finished building the new classroom. The project, unfortunately, will come to a standstill soon because quite honestly, we need about $1,500 to finish construction and to begin renovating the other two classrooms. To complete the updates to Dogandou Elementary we still need to pour concrete floors, put in windows and doors, paint the interior, and pebbledash (strengthen and smooth out) the exterior to protect it from the weather. 


Dogandou Elementary Project:

  • 9/14/19 Bowling for a Cause Fundraiser
  • 9/18/19 Sent funds to Sunu Team in Africa
  • 10/22/19 Building of new classroom began




Why are we doing this for Dogandou Elementary? 


The addition of a new classroom means another nearby village is able to send their children to school. Read that again. You would be part of the reason children get to attend school. Not only that, but the renovations to the school will make it a safer and more productive learning environment. 

The current classroom floors are dirt which is problematic for many reasons. The floors are uneven and full of holes, making the benches and tables the students learn on wobbly. When there is rain, the classroom floor turns to mud. The biggest issue the school is struggling with in regards to the dirt floors is that snakes are inhabiting their classrooms! This is a huge safety concern as well as a distraction. The addition of a concrete floor, doors, and windows will protect students from the elements and better allow them to focus on their studies. 

PLEASE consider making a donation now, or on Give to the Max Day. We are forever grateful for your generosity.