Sunu Foundation’s first fall bowling fundraiser.

A week ago we held our first Sunu Foundation Fall Fundraiser at Park Tavern and had a great turn out, filling twelve lanes of bowlers! Huge thank you to Park Tavern for donating all the lanes so we could maximize our fundraising efforts for Dogandou Elementary School. 

In attendance we had family, friends, coworkers, teammates, friends of friends- and let me tell you- it really warms our hearts that the Sunu Foundation’s mission is slowly being shared wider and wider. It was great to have all these people bowling and having fun in the name of making better educational opportunities for Senegalese youth across the globe.  


We owe another big thank you to some local businesses for supporting Sunu Foundation and allowing us to offer fun prizes for the highest scores per game, most strikes, and most gutter balls. We appreciate your generosity Wok in the Park, Rem5, Elements Massage, Parkway Pizza, and Roller Garden. Thank you for believing in our educational non-profit!


Now, the part of this update you’ve all been waiting for…in total, we were able to raise $2,330.50!! That’s phenomenal! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. 

What does that mean? It means we are able to send a large check to Dogandou Elementary that will cover about three-fourths of the expense to build an additional permanent classroom. To be honest, we are short on funds to cover the entire construction of the classroom, BUT we are hopeful that by year end we can raise about $1,000 more so they can finish it

Ponge Diouf is Senegal for the next couple weeks, so in the near future we will have more photos and news to share. If you are so inclined to make another donation, or if you know anyone who would support this goal, PLEASE spread the word about Sunu Foundation.