How can you help Sunu Foundation’s final goal of 2019 become a reality? 

Come bowl with us on September 14th at Park Tavern from 4-6pm!!

Honestly, the best deal is to find yourself a team to bowl with because you also get a pitcher of beer and pizza when you sign up

There are prizes being given away too so don’t miss out!! Lanes are filling up, so sign up ASAP.

September 14th from 4-6pm at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park! Mark your calendar!

What is our final goal, you ask?

The schoolhouse/main classroom at Dogandou Elementary.

We want to raise the funds to help build Dogandou Elementary an additional classroom and an indoor bathroom with running water. 

Many of us sent a child off to school this week (or have a child in our life that we care about that went back to school). That child likely has a new shirt to wear, or new shoes, or a new backpack filled with their school supplies. Maybe they are really lucky and they have all of those things! Either way, that child was ready to go learn in their freshly decorated, single grade, classroom. 

Dogandou Elementary’s second makeshift classroom extends off the main structure to try and accommodate more students.

The children at Dogandou Elementary School in Pire, Senegal are excited to head back to school too, but their first day of school doesn’t look quite like that. Those students are headed back to an extremely cramped two-room schoolhouse containing bare minimum supplies. The Sunu Foundation will be delivering backpacks full of school supplies, but with your help, we may ALSO be able to construct a new classroom to allow more space and differentiation options for the students/teachers AND hopefully their first indoor bathroom!