There are several exciting updates to share from the Sunu Foundation:

First and foremost, we are now officially recognized by the United States government as a 501(c)(3) organization! This was the final step in solidifying our non-profit and we are thrilled about our potential to impact the dreams and educational needs of children in Senegal.

Secondly, Sunu/JAM summer camp just came to a close. We were blessed to have 238 children attend camp this year led by 50 camp counselors! You can tell by the joy and excitement in their eyes that this summer camp was an experience these children will cherish for years to come. We feel so fortunate that because of donors like you, these children have these memories and learning opportunities to grow from.

Sunu/JAM Summer Camp

Lastly, the Sunu Foundation in Senegal has reached out to a school in the rural community and will be taking supplies to that school in the near future.

Again, thank you for your generosity and support in our mission. Please continue to look for updates and tell friends and family about our work. We appreciate you!