We laughed, we cried and we officially launched Sunu Foundation this month at a special kickoff event.  About 100 people gathered to learn more about Sunu from Joan Oyass and board members Carolyn Larson, Alex Budde and founder, Mbagnick Diouf, known to most as Ponge.  The event launched our foundation and the initial funding that will go towards helping children in the very city that Ponge was raised in. It’s within this city that Ponge’s own life was changed when Malick created a summer camp called JAM that was created to support their social, educational, emotional, and physical development.


Beyond improving the lives of the children in the city, without JAM, Ponge had to hear about countless other children drowning in the nearby water each summer as many didn’t know how to swim.  Imagine for one second, growing up and having to hear this kind of news every summer. And every summer, it was not just one child that drowned, it was multiple. Then, imagine that someone created a camp that not only prevented this from happening but enriched the lives of each of those children. The impact that camp had on Ponge was immeasurable because it not only affected his life but now will affect the lives of so many more through the Sunu Foundation and JAM.


The foundation will be raising funds to contribute both to JAM’s mission of providing a summer camp for the city Ponge grew up in, but also fund educational needs in another city within Senegal.


15 years ago, without knowing the language and little to no money, Ponge was given the opportunity to come to the United States.  No matter what he had, he worked tirelessly to send money home to his family and now, he is creating an opportunity to give back.  With your help, the Sunu Foundation can continue to help the children of Senegal achieve their dreams.   Many of us are lucky to not know what its like to be without some of life’s basic necessities and educational opportunities but some are not as fortunate to know what that is like.  Sunu gives an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children.  Even just $30 will fund provide one child with school supplies for one year and $17 will provide one child with summer camp this year.  

In whatever way you are able to support the Sunu Foundation, JAM and the children it funds, we are forever grateful for the difference it makes!